Get your neighbourhood clean

by tagging garbage on the street
and items to give away for reuse.

The app allows you to:
  • Tag areas with trash.
  • Earn coins for cleaning up.
  • Donate coins for clean up projects.
  • Give or sell things for reuse.
  • Get stuff cheaply or for free (sofas, lamps, etc).

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“Get It Clean” is a web and mobile phone application, that helps society keep the nearby areas in cities and woods clean, and promotes the reuse and reduction of garbage.

The app gives everyone the ability to photograph and tag on the map the bulk garbage (like used sofa or wardrobe) which needs to be removed, or any other place which needs garbage removal.

It can be added to the map, and other users can click on it and sign up for the removal, mark a date and time or even create a project or gather a team to deal with the clutter.

If it’s a cleaning project - after the problem area is cleaned the new pictures can be taken and added to a map. The involved users get rewarded and grow their rating in the system.

The application helps enthusiasts to join their efforts, to build better logistics for those involved in removing of bulk and unwanted household appliances, involves everybody who just has a phone with a camera into the process of spotting and tracking of areas which require attention and adds fun into overall process of keeping our living environment clean.

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